Simplifying Access For ETH Liquidity Staking | Web3 Infrastructure Provider Ank Partners

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Web3 infrastructure provider Ankr has inked a strategic partnership with, the open-source and decentralized protocol that simplifies access to staking activities reports Financefeeds., based on the secret-shared-validator (SSV) research – later dubbed DVT – describes itself as the first protocol to allow users to securely split a validator key between non-trusting nodes or operators.

The alliance focuses on simplifying infrastructural access for ETH liquidity staking and will see Ankr integrate’s advancements in distributed validator technology to improve risk management and validator performance.

As a fully open-source protocol, it will also promote decentralization across nodes in a completely trustless manner. In other words, combining this technology with Ankr Liquid Staking will lead to increased monetary safety for all that hold liquid-staked derivatives from Ankr.

According to the release, the technology gives anyone trustless access to staking by providing a stable infrastructure while promoting diversification and decentralization. It then uses a network of nodes operating under consensus to generate rewards for users.

Additional steps will be taken to stress test, ensure stability, and also test out some of the staking and delegation incentives considered for the network.

Ankr’s infrastructure already allows developers to gain access to dozens of leading blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, Polygon and Polkadot, without the need to go through complex technical details.

Ankr empowers Web3 users with a platform where they can deploy nodes on Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchains, stake their PoS tokens and access DeFi applications. Ankr’s native cryptocurrency, ANKR coin, serves as a payment method across the platform.  Ankr Protocol is said to serve roughly six billion blockchain requests per day across more than 50 networks.

“We are excited to have Ankr as part of the SSV ecosystem. Ankr were one of the first ETH liquid staking pools in the space, their team has incredible tech foresight and the ability to execute fast. The same applies for their decision to become early adopters of DVT and build a next gen staking pool on top of This is going to take staking to the next level,” said Lead Alon Muroch.

Filipe Gonçalves, Chief of DeFi at Ankr, said, “Ankr’s partnership with SSV.Network provides everything that our users desire from liquid staking – the highest levels of security and decentralization with stable and attractive yields. As the demand for staking increases, we will scale alongside it with the ability to provide staking rewards to any number of new users.”

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