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Below are Ankr’s newest features like aBNBc tokens, DEX liquidity, BNB Chain bridge, and more as reported on Medium.com by Kevin Dwyer.

New BNB Liquid Staking Token: aBNBc

BNB Liquid Staking has been a popular product on Ankr Earn and we are excited to announce that there is a new liquid staking token available to stakers that will free up more options for earning.

How Does BNB Liquid Staking Work?

With BNB Liquid Staking, Ankr will stake your BNB tokens with the best-suited validator nodes while giving you back newly minted aBNBb or aBNBc tokens. The best part is, you can use your aBNBb or aBNBc tokens to generate many more layers of passive income when using them to perform liquidity mining, lending, yield farming, and any other strategies on DeFi platforms.

What Is aBNBc?

The aBNBc token is a liquid staking token that represents your staked BNB. When you stake your BNB, you can choose to mint the aBNBc token. You can sell these tokens at any time to effectively exit your staking position without needing to wait for any inconvenient unbonding period.

Should I Choose aBNBb or aBNBc Tokens When Staking?

When you stake you BNB on Ankr Earn, you will have a choice between minting new aBNBb tokens or aBNBc tokens. These are both great options to earn staking rewards, but you might want to consider the following:

aBNBb is a reward-earning token. These tokens increase in number daily in your wallet to reflect your staking rewards. The balance of your aBNBb will grow on a daily basis after every rebase, which means that the fair value of 1 aBNBb is always equal to 1 BNB.


  • Daily rebasing to easily keep track of rewards
  • A better fit for stableswap DEXs
  • Pegged 1:1 with BNB

aBNBc is a reward-bearing token. These tokens increase in value over time to reflect your staking rewards. 1 aBNBc will grow in value when compared to BNB, as it contains your principal stake plus staking rewards. In other words, the number of aETHc tokens in your wallet won’t increase, but their value will.


  • Easier for DEX integrations
  • More liquidity mining/yield farming opportunities
  • Better for lending and borrowing applications

New aBNBc Liquidity on ApeSwap and PancakeSwap

The aBNBc token will provide more liquidity on DEXs as many DEXs don’t offer capabilities for rebasing tokens like aBNBb. This will give BNB liquid stakers many more earning opportunities. Currently, stakers can provide liquidity and farm rewards on both PancakeSwap and ApeSwap, two popular Binance-based DEXs.

You Can Now Bridge Your aETHb & aMATICb to BNB Chain!

Ankr Earn’s Bridge feature is creating brand new use cases for Ankr’s liquid staking tokens. You can now stake your ETH and MATIC on Ethereum and then bridge them easily to the BNB Chain for more available DEXs and earning opportunities.

What Are aETHb and aMATICb?

The aETHb and aMATICb tokens are liquid staking tokens that users will mint when staking their ETH or MATIC. These tokens represent your original staked amount plus all rewards earned through daily rebasing.

Why Bridge Tokens to BNB Chain?

Being able to bridge tokens to the BNB Chain unlocks an entire ecosystem of DEXs and earning solutions for Ankr’s liquid staking token holders.

New DEX integrations

  • aETHb / ETH pair on BNB Chain strategies on ACryptos
  • aMATICb / MATIC pair on BNB Chain strategies on ACryptos

How Can I Bridge These Tokens To BNB Chain?

You can bridge these tokens to the BNB chain at any time by navigating to the “Bridge” tab on the Ankr Earn platform. From there, you will just need to select which token you want to bridge and where you would like to send them.

  • Bridge ETH between Ethereum mainnet and BNB Chain.
  • Bridge MATIC between Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain in any order.

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