Ankr’s New App Chains-as-a-Service Offering Addresses Two Web3 Adoption Roadblocks: Transaction Speed And Gas Price | Enables Developers To Build Custom Blockchains For Their Apps

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Ankr, a provider of Web3 infrastructure, has announced the launch of App Chains-as-a-Service. Developers can create custom blockchains that are tailored to their specific applications using this set of plug-and-play technologies. For Web3 dApps, Ankr has launched a new product that seeks to create incredibly scalable blockchains for enterprise-level throughput. Security, performance, and customizability are all incorporated into the App Chains according to Investingcube.

What Ankr’s App Chains bring

Startups and current Web3 dApps can use App Chains to create a custom blockchain for their applications. Similarly, Web2 projects moving to Web3 can utilize the service. Sidechain frameworks, such as Polygon Edge, Avalanche Subnets, and BNB Chain’s BAS, will allow developers to create their own blockchains. This will help address two of the most significant roadblocks to Web3 adoption: transaction speed and gas price.

Ankr offers end-to-end engineering solutions and support, including White-labeled Lock Exploration, Direct Staking Support via a UI, Custom validator networks, Customizable Testnet Faucet Solutions, Load-balanced RPC Endpoint and access to Ankr’s “Exchange Readiness” program. Ankr serves as a technical advisor to help developers prepare their tokens for listing on the major exchanges through the exchange program.

There is no restriction on what programming languages, consensus techniques, or frameworks developers can use. This is because the main chain security and provenance will always be preserved. Compared to employing smart contracts to build dApps on top of existing blockchains, App Chains offer more freedom to developers. App Chains, can handle more transactions at a lesser cost than smart contracts on a Layer-1 blockchain, which compete for a limited supply of resources.

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