Web3 Infrastructure Provider Newly Launched Product Chain-as-a-Service A Game Changer | ANKR Price Prediction

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The ANKR project may have revolutionized cloud computing blockchain nodes, but the cryptocurrency has struggled in the markets for months. Despite being up by 5 per cent in today’s trading session, and having started a bullish move that has seen prices rise by 30 per cent in the past six days, the crypto is still down by 19 per cent for the month  according to Investingcube.

Recent Developments

As a leading Web3 infrastructure provider, ANKR has continued to launch new products, with the latest being Chains-as-a-Service. This will be a suite of plug-and-play tools that enables dApp developers to build applications that are uniquely suited to their projects. The newly launched product is expected to be a game-changer, promising security, customizability, and good throughput.

With the new Chains-as-a-Service products, the platform will also be able to provide scalable solutions to enterprises and expand the use of Web3 dApps.

According to the Chief Marketing Officer at Ankr, the App Chains service will be the best solution for scalability in the blockchain industry. He noted that the company had packaged all of Ankr’s best products together to help companies make them fast, simple, and secure using Ankr’s industry-leading technology.

In the markets, the announcement of the new products looks to have had an impact, with the prices continuing their aggressive bullish move.

Ankr Price Prediction

My Ankr price prediction expects the prices to continue with the current strong bullish trend that has resulted in a 30 per cent price gain in the last six days. As a result, we are highly likely to see the prices start to trade above the $0.040 price level. With enough momentum, I expect the prices to trade above the $0.042 resistance level.

My bullish trend will, however, be invalidated if the prices reverse and hit the $0.024 support level. At that point, a new bearish trend will have been established. It will also mark the beginning of the next aggressive bear move.

Ankr Daily Chart

Ankr price predictionAnkr price prediction


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