Ankr’s New Advanced API Offers Easy NFT Search To Track And Monitor Ownership | Plethora Of NFTs In Industry Case For Rapid, Accurate, Multichain Querying

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Ankr, the leading infrastructure provider for Web3, has recently released an advanced API to allow for rapid querying of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This ease of searchability is badly needed in the industry due to the plethora of NFTs that have been created, with no viable way to track and monitor ownership reports Thecoinrepublic.

Ankr is the premium platform for developers to build and scale in Web3. The protocol provider offers unlimited RPC requests on 15 supported blockchains through its developer package. The multichain firm is processing over 6 billion requests daily and is rapidly releasing tools for Web3 developers that are unavailable elsewhere.

The Ankr NFT API is the latest in a series of product launches.

The Ankr NFT API

At its core, the Ankr NFT API allows developers to easily search blockchain records for NFT information across multiple chains. The use case for this is obvious. The growth of NFT collections has been astounding, so tools to verify ownership and transaction history are essential.

As new businesses emerge around NFTs, querying tools like this will become even more important. With many online products potentially becoming converted to NFTs, the case for rapid, accurate, multichain querying becomes a vital element of overall profitability and business viability.

Cross chain compatibility has been a major issue with NFT tracking, until now. The Ankr NFT API allows developers to easily pull data from a number of networks to get a holistic view of the item across time and chain. Because it can be done quickly and at scale, it will help developers and project managers to make effective decisions without delay.

Speaking on the new release, Ankr CMO Greg Gopman affirmed that:

“These tools are essential to build the future of Web3. Without being able to quickly and accurately pull NFT and token information from multiple chains, developers and project managers would be left in the dark. Ankr now offers these cross-chain analysis tools to developers at a great price, with the lowest response times across the most chains”

Ankr The Best Option For Web3 Developers

Developers (and regular crypto enthusiasts) can find information on NFTs. The entire premise of blockchain is that the information is open source and subject to universal access. But the real question is how accessible it really is. You can only query one blockchain at a time and then you have to compile and aggregate the information manually, unless you build your own API.

There is also the question of reliance on centralized providers (like OpenSea) for information which has already posed numerous difficulties. Even for technically skilled people who do build their own custom APIs, there is the question of time. With the Ankr NFT API, information is indexed and presented instantly without any wait times.

It ultimately comes down to time, money, and convenience. Ankr is a complete package and is one of the fastest infrastructure providers with the widest scope of offerings at the lowest possible prices. It regularly features as the top RPC provider from multiple open source tools and is the largest infrastructure provider for Binance, Polygon, and Fantom.

Ankr is distinguished from all other Web3 providers due to the variety of its services, also providing manifold solutions for DeFi and enterprises. They offer a collection of (expanding) APIs. Right now, Ankr has released three APIs for developers – an NFT API, a Query API, and a Token API. The functions within the NFT API are “ankr_getNFTsByOwner” and “ankr_getNFTMetadata”. These functions will be built upon over time.

An Unrivaled Service 

Ankr’s three developer APIs have unlimited use cases. Through them, developers can make fewer requests, spend less per request, and access information cross chain. The APIs presently work across 6 blockchains – Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, and Avalanche, with more to be added.

Ankr is dominating the Web3 development space across multiple dimensions, by a wide margin. No other provider comes anywhere close in terms of multi-chain expansion, cost, speed, and ease of node deployment.

Developers can start building today by downloading the Ankr Developer API SDK. This is a Javascript library that wraps all these API endpoints into easy-to-use JS code.

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