Ankr Reaches New Milestone, App Chains, How Will They Work?

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Ankr App Chains are the real deal and come with everything a sidechain needs to be successful. From enough RPC nodes for developers to read/write data to/from the chain to creating a block explorer to track transactions, Ankr App Chains have it all. In essence, Ankr App Chains will change the game of building dApps.

If you’re building a dApp, there’s a very high possibility that you’re going to build it on the Ethereum blockchain. The reason is simple: Ethereum was the first blockchain to support the development of smart contracts. Ergo, most dApps right now are being built on the chain reports the Coin Republic.

Ordinarily, that wouldn’t be a problem. More dApps means more innovation, and you really cannot get enough innovation, especially in the Web3 space. However, more dApps on one chain also means congestion. This means more delayed transactions, slower transaction times, and a generally less efficient network. Currently, Ethereum is trying to solve this problem by moving from a proof of work mechanism to a proof of stake one. However, many experts believe that the problem will persist, albeit at a lower scale.

This congestion problem isn’t only an issue with Ethereum either. Alternative chains like Solana and Fantom are also experiencing the same problem. And even the ones that don’t have the problem right now will eventually encounter it as they get popular. The reason is simple. All these dApps, sometimes thousands of them, are using the same finite resources on the blockchain. And since these resources aren’t unlimited, transactions will eventually get less efficient.

What Can Founders Do

If you’re a founder facing this problem, there are a few things you can do to make your dApp avoid these pitfalls.

For one, you could decide to build your blockchain yourself. But you’d quickly find out that solution is an even bigger problem in and of itself. The resources to build a layer-1 blockchain from scratch aren’t a joke, and undergoing all that trouble just to build one dApp may be unfeasible.

In fact, the problem you’re trying to solve with your dApp might have already been solved by another founder by the time you’re done.

As a founder, you could also choose to put your faith in chains like Ethereum and hope that they find a lasting solution to transaction backlogs. But that could take a lot of time, and time isn’t a resource that founders have a lot of.

Thirdly, you could build your dApp on a blockchain on a blockchain — otherwise known as a “layer-2 blockchain.” These chains, like Polygon and Optimism, are usually faster. But in the end, they have the same problem: finite resources, and an infinite number of dApps that can be added.

Of course, all these solutions are suboptimal. The first solution is a bigger problem, the second solution isn’t a solution at all, and the third one is just kicking the problem down the road.

However, there is a fourth solution for founders. And it’s just like building your own layer-1 blockchain, but with a twist.

The App Chain Solution

App chains are essentially single-tenant blockchains. That is, they are dedicated blockchains that host only one dApp. Since they host just one tenant, these chains don’t have the infinite problems that public chains have. Yes, their resources are still finite, but since the chain hosts only one dApp, the resources will always be enough.

This means no slow transaction times, no transaction backlog, no hike in gas fees, and no downtime.

How Do App Chains Work

The app chain itself is like a sidechain that can be tacked onto networks like Polygon, Avalanche or the BNB chain. This means that the chain can have its own consensus mechanism, programming language, and importantly, work on only its transactions.

So if you build your dApp on an app chain, you’ll be able to decide what programming language can be used for its smart contracts. It also means that you have more flexibility and can build dApps with stronger functionality.

As a founder, the benefits of this are tremendous. For example, allowing your smart contracts to be written in whatever language you desire means an astronomical lowering of the technical barriers for new devs to join your team. The flexibility also means that devs have free reign to solve any app problem their way, without worrying about the native rules of the blockchain they are on.

This sounds like a great idea, right? If it’s such a great idea, why have other businesses not been built on it? I mean, wouldn’t everyone want maximum flexibility and sovereignty?

Ankr App Chains

Up until now, building a working app chain was out of scope for many developers. The first problem was lack of expertise, and even when that hurdle was crossed, technical difficulties and lack of resources were yet another huge hurdle.

Since there was no reliable provider who could help founders put together the resources and expertise to build app chains, many devs simply didn’t worry about it.

And that’s where Ankr’s App Chains come in. Now, for the first time, there is a reliable technical partner for devs who can help them create app chains easily. Ankr App Chains are the real deal and come with everything a sidechain needs to be successful. From enough RPC nodes for developers to read/write data to/from the chain to creating a block explorer to track transactions, Ankr App Chains have it all.

In essence, Ankr App Chains will change the game of building dApps. If you’re building a dApp and don’t want it to be bogged down by slow transaction times, backlogs, and inefficiency, you now have a reliable alternative option. By building on app chains, you are not only creating a more efficient version of your dApp, but you are also making it more flexible and resilient. You have free reign and can try out new and exciting things with your creation. App chains also make it easier for you to innovate since you’re not building with excessive programming rules.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re building a brand new dApp, thinking of building a new one, or have already built one on many of the public chains around, Ankr’s app chain can still make your job ten times easier. The only thing that’s left is for you to decide whether you are comfortable with building with that level of ease.

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